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Celluline microdermabrasion treatments stand out from all the rest. Skin is analyzed before the atment with Ultra UV Cam.  Procedure are performed with the computer controlled most advanced device. Enriched with Oxygen mask, Finished with anti aging vitamin mist. Results are documented with before and after pictures. Competitive price.

UltraCam UV Skin Analyzer  

The UltraCam Skin UV Analyzer helps us to show our patients what their skin really looks like. The UltraCam color and UV camera from Edge Systems reveals skin conditions not visible to the naked eye, such as sun damage, comedones, dead Skin cells, dehydration and pigmentation and allows us to see the problem areas before proceeding with treatment options.

The UltraCam features both UV Light colour photos as well as Natural light colour photos, which the therapist can view through a patient viewing window.  The UltraCam comes equipped with computer colour correction for different skin types.

Examples of the before and after documentation taken with the UltraCam system:

Sun Damage Pacneusporphyrin Infection Natural & UV Front

We use the UltraCam Skin scanner for:

- Diagnose areas that are potentially problematic before the treatment
- Before and after microdermabrasion to evaluate and document results
- To recommend post microdermabrasion treatment

The Skin Scanner is completely interactive as everything is immediately visible to the client by the internal mirror and to the therapist.

Different skin conditions will show up as different colors for example:

  • Comedones - Fluorescent orange
  • Dead Skin cells - White flecks
  • Dehydration – Fluorescent Purple
  • Pigmentation – Brown
  • Sun damage – Burgundy/dark red

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