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Celluline Microdermabrasion treatments stand out from the rest. Skin is analyzed before the treatment with Ultra UV Cam.  Procedure are performed with the computer controlled most advanced device. Enriched with Oxygen mask, Finished with anti aging vitamin mist. Results are documented with before and after pictures. Competitive price.

Microdermabrasion Question & Answers  
 What is the operational mechanism behind microdermabrasion?
 A closed vacuum system delivers aluminum oxide crystals through a tube and handpiece creating a vacuum when the handpiece is against the skin. The particle flow begins when the handpiece is sealed against the skin; particles flow out of the accelerator impacting the skin and, combined with skin debris, are suctioned back through the handpiece and tubing into the waste canister. The particle flow and suctioning stops once the seal is broken.

 Is aluminum oxide safe?
 Yes. It is the material recognized as the appropriate abradant for the microdermabrasion procedure. Also, the Material Safety Data Sheet indicates that AI2O3, (in various forms known as Corundum, White Fused Alumina or Bauxite), is non-toxic for ingestion, is not associated with adverse skin contact reactions and is not a known carcinogen.

The aluminum oxide used in the Celluline system has been melted and recrystallized for 99% purity (e.g. silica-free) but otherwise remains identical in chemical and physical properties to the native corundum ore.

Inhalation of aluminum oxide is considered a low health risk. Aluminum is the third most abundant element on earth and is present in innumerable products of daily living. It is, however, prudent to adhere to the standard precaution of wearing a facial mask because cumulative exposure to large amounts of any type of fine particulate (e.g., nail dust) may cause irritation, coughing or shortness of breath. In addition, the ST Peel equipment is a "closed system" designed to minimize exposure to ambient dust: the design of the handpiece ensures that recovery of the crystals from the skin is quite thorough; the media comes in prepackaged and sealed containers; and both the crystal and waste canisters are disposable.

 Are there any contraindications for microdermabrasion?
 It is up to each physician to determine what he or she considers to be a contraindication for microdermabrasion. However, the following situations are reported in the medical literature:

Patients are asked to cease use of certain topical agents such as glycolic acids, alpha-hydroxy acids and Retin-A for a few days before microdermabrasion treatment. Patients who present with certain facial skin disorders may be advised not to pursue treatment, e.g. acne rosacea or even facial telangiectasia.
If a patient experiences red streaking from the treatment because of over intense strokes or very sensitive skin, the patient should cease further treatments until the erythema has fully subsided.

What is Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion?
 The recent innovation in microdermabrasion is the introduction of crystal-free media. Particle or grit size of the surface area and vacuum pressure generated from the microdermabrasion machine work together to determine the degree of exfoliation as the vacuum pressure pulls skin against the abrasive surface. As skin is abraded, exfoliated tissue is vacuumed away into a disposable waste filter.

Celluline do not recommend the Crystal-free microdermabrasion for pocked areas or scar tissue since there are no flowing crystals available to abrade irregular surface areas.
All of the abrasives follow the same microdermabrasion principle—to progressively exfoliate skin to enhance penetration of the cosmetic products and to initiate new cell growth with no downtime. By utilizing a system with crystal and crystal-free media, we can customize microdermabrasion procedures to fit each client’s skin-resurfacing needs. Patients with any signs of a sunburn should not be treated.

How Microdermabrasion procedure looks like?
The irregular shape and hardness of aluminum oxide crystals makes the material extremely efficient for numerous skin defects. The vacuum control located on the machine determines the depth of abrasion and the rate at which crystals are pulled across the skin’s surface.

How Crystal Free –Diamond tip Microdermabrasion procedure looks like?
After cleansing the treatment area, esthetician uses the sterile diamond wand to gently exfoliate your skin. After your treatment, you may choose an optional Oxygen Mask or/ and anti-aging vitamin mist to optimize your results.

Is Microdermabrasion  Good For Men?
Yes. The procedure and results are the same as for women, there are no side effects or risks.

Is Micro Derm Abrasion Dangerous If I Have Rosacea?
Yes. The microdermabrasion exfoliation process worsens rosacea symptoms (redness, itchiness, flaking) and should be avoided.

Can Microdermabrasion be performed  while nursing?
Yes, but we still recommend that you wait until you deliver your baby and finish the nursing period before microdermabrasion because your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy  and nursing because hormonal changes during this  and microderm abrasion products may cause irritation,  scarring and may reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

How Can Microdermbrasion help reduce large Pores?
 Microdermoabrasion stimulate collagen production which is why it works on large pores. The vacuum function of most microdermabrasions tools sucks out hardened oil, dust and other dirt which may clog your pores. This way, the oil in the glands can again reach the surface of your skin and your pores can return to their natural shape and size.

How good Is Microdermabasion for the Face?
It is very beneficial.  It can help fight mild acne, acne scarring, clogged and enlarged pores, age and sun spots, stretch marks, freckles, and fine lines, tired and dull skin. More severe skin imperfections require more invasive procedures like laser or chemical peeling.

How Can Microdermabrasion help eliminate Facial Scars?
Microderma remove the dead skin layer (the outermost layer) in order to even out skin texture and fade superficial facial scars. Fore severe facial scarring microdermabrasion might be use in conjunction with other non-surgical techniques, like deep chemical peels or laser skin rejuvenation.

How many Microdermabasion  will I need?
It all depends of patent skin condition, but in average it is required 4 to 8 treatments spaced from 2 to 3 weeks apart. Most people should see improvements after one treatment. With multiple treatments, fine lines, acne scars and enlarged pores become less noticeable and skin looks more translucent. Maintenance of results requires periodic repeat treatments after the initial regimen is completed.

Are Man and Women happy with Microdermabrasion results?
Yes, most man and women who have tried microdermabrasion say that the procedure successfully improve or removed superficial aging signs like fine line and age spots, acne scars and made skin look younger and feel smoother. Some  say that procedure cause skin damage,  irritation and dryness, or had no effect whatsoever.

What is the recovery time after the Microdermabrasion treatment?
Microdermabrasion is the “lunchtime” procedure. There is very little recovery time needed after Microdermabrasion. Your treatment area may feel slightly sunburned after the procedure, but this should last only a few hours. Our staff will recommend a moisturizer to use after your treatment. Your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun after Microdermabrasion, so please wear a high-quality sunscreen with a SPF 25 or higher. You should avoid Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, Glycolic Acid products and skin exfoliation scrubs 3-days before and 3-days after a treatment. We discourage the use of full face make-up, such as liquid foundations or pressed powder foundations for 24 hours after a treatment.

Can Microdermabrasion be used with Accutane ?
No, microdermabarasion is not recommended for patients taking Accutane.  Having microdermabrasion while on Accutane may cause permanent scarring.

How Microdermabrasion treat Acne?
The Microdermabrasion is used first to clean the skin and peel out the dead cells' layer. In doing that it clears out the blocked pores. The Microdermabrasion treatment is similar to gently vacuuming your skin. The Microdermabrasion treatment works in two ways:
1. It heals already existing acne by cleaning the pores;
2. Then by eliminating the dead skin cells' layer, it prevents pimples from appearing. Pimples are most often caused by dead skin cells that clog the skin's pores. When you eliminate the dead skin cells the chance of having pimples is greatly decreased.
Microdermabrasion does not only cure acne. A very pleasing side effect of repeating this treatment is increased smoothness of skin by removing minor skin irregularities.

Who gets Acne?
More than 80% of all teenagers suffer from acne and more than a quarter of them will have permanent acne scars. About 20% of all adults also suffer from acne.

Does Microdermabrasion Get Rid Of Acne?
Most anti-acne cleansers claim they penetrate deep down into the pore to remove dirt and oil which cause inflammations.
Microdermabration clears blackheads out from pores via a combination of mild skin abrasion and suction. The layer of skin that comes off is very fine (about 10-15 microns) but it has no live cells therefore the skin is not damaged in the process since only dead skins layers are removed.
The diamond wand or crystals used in microderm abrasion abrade the skin, while the vacuum sucks up any dead cells and dirt that clog the pores. To treat acne, micro dermabrasion employs stronger suction to unclog all of the pores.

What type of acne Microdermabrasion can treat?
A light to mild form of the blackhead and whitehead type of acne. Note, a moderate to severe acne can’t be treating with Microdermabrasion.

How do I prepare for the Microdermabrasion procedure?
Celluline recommend that you avoid any the Acid Peels, Accutane, Retin A,  and Sun burn that will leave your skin sensitive on the day of treatment.

How Celluline Microdermabrasion differs from other?
Celluline offer both Crystal or crystal free Microdermabrasion that best suits the patient needs with the most advanced third generation (crystal or diamond - crystal free), computer controlled devices along with competitive prices performed with professionally trained registered aestheticians. Celluline also analyze and documents progress before, doing and after procedure with the specialized UltraCam UV Skin Analyzer.

What are other Acne treatment options?

Other Acne Treatments



Laser Treatments


like Accutane there are many systemic side effects including birth defects, liver abnormalities, mood depression, nausea, dizziness, night vision changes ,  stomach aches and acne may develop resistance to them if over used

The salicylic acid peels or Beta-Lift peels

which is made with an aspirin derivative. These peels are not given to patients with an aspirin allergy and are not recommended during pregnancy.

Blue light therapy

Wavelengths of light (400-475 nm) It works by killing the P. acnes bacteria.

Prescribed medication

For the more severe forms of acne need prescription-strength medication, the important goal is to eliminate break outs and to prevent scarring.

PCA Peel HQ Free (non-resorcinol

We use the PCA Peel HQ Free (non-resorcinol) This peel will help unclog the pores, eliminate acne and rejuvenate the skin.

Smooth-beam Laser

It is 1450 NM WAVELENGTH DIODE LASER Used for acne, acne scarring on the face and back. It is also used for wrinkles.

Vitamins A, C E and zinc

and other nutritional supplements can also help fight acne.

PCA Peel® with Hydroquinone (non-resorcinol)

This formula is for those who have no sensitivity to hydroquinone. It will inhibit active acne and correct post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown-spotting) from acne.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resufacing is the method of choice for scar revision, treatments of acne and the treatment of photo-aged skin. Some FDA approved lasers for the purpose of acne treatment are:

- Aramis Erbium Glass Laser by Quantel Medical (1540 nm)
- Smoothbeam Diode Laser by Candela (1450 nm )
- V-Star Pulsed Dye Laser by Cynosure; V-Beam Pulsed Dye Laser by Candela; N-Lite Pulsed Dye Laser by EU Photonics (577-585 nm)
- Aura and Aura-i KTP Lasers by Laserscope (532 nm )
- Cooltouch Nd:Yg Laser by Cooltouch (1320 nm )
- Profile Nd:Yg Laser by Sciton (1319 nm )

Birth control pills

They can help balance hormones and get rid of acne caused by hormonal imbalance.

PCA Peel® with Hydroquinone and Resorcinol

Excellent for those with active/cystic acne and asphyxiated skin (dry on the surface, oily underneath).

Cool Touch Laser

The Cool Touch laser is the nonablative resurfacing laser of 1320 nm wawelenht. The laser light energy stimulates the fibroblasts and produce new collagen and elastic tissue in the skin. The technique has to be applied several times before the clinical effect is seen. It is mostly used to treat facial acne scarring.


Only for milder forms of acne -  drugs, cleansers, gels or moisturizers with anti-acne ingredients

Ultra Peel™ I and II

It is a cream containing natural hormones and vitamins to provide freshening and moisturizing properties to aging skin. These natural hormones make this peel great for males, as it helps to counterbalance testosterone levels that create frequent break-outs during teenage years.

Photodynamic Acne Treatments

or “ALA/PDT treatment is a new procedure that treats resistant, hard-to-treat active acne as well as older acne scars. The procedure, which combines light and a special light-activated topical photosensitizing agent called Levulan. Levulan is a 20% solution of Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA) The Levulan is applied to  skin and left on for 15-60 minutes. The Levulan is absorbed by active cells like acne sebaceous gland,. making the targeted acne cells more sensitive to the light. During the procedure, the ALA is activated with the correct wavelength of light within the non-UV blue spectrum. 

How procedure looks like?

Microdermabrasion Pigmentation treatment video:


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