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Some Testimonials From Our Clients

Read what some of our clients have to say about our Laser Hair Removal services...

Their latest and high quality equipment along with excellent service throughout the laser hair removal process is definitely worth mentioning.

Dr. Dybesh Regmi, Mississauga, Ontario

Three months ago I decided to do laser hair removal on my lower legs. After conducting quite a few free consultations with several major laser hair removal clinics in Toronto, Celluline has the advanced laser technology, highly skill laser technicians and pleasant environment. I was so impressed at the free consultation session by Kristina: her thorough knowledge on; laser hair removal, her great patients and care, her flexibility and humor. Most importantly, her solid knowledge stood out from the rest of the laser technicians I ever consulted. ....

....After two treatments, I don't have to imagine the relief of not having to do waxing, and I don't have to imagine the silky smooth legs, because the truth is that I sow a 15 to 20 % reduction in hair growth after first treatment, and hair that does grow back is getting softer finer. After the second treatment the result is amazing, with 60 to 70 % reduction! I am so happy with awesome results. Now I just need final touch here and there, and ready for the coming summer! With all those wonderful experiences , I want to say that Celluline is the greatest. Thank You Celluline.

Grace G., Toronto, On

I am so pleased with the results! Prior to the treatment, I had quite a bit of facial hair and was very embarrassed by it. Laser hair has been a blessing. After only 3 treatments, hair would stay away for long periods of time and they grow back thinner and sparser. I would like to sincerely like to expose my gratitude to Celluline for their kindness and professionalism. I highly recommend Celluline to other in my situation.

Farrah Lookman, Bolton, Ontario

It took me several years and a numerous consultations with various laser hair removal clinics until I finally decided on Celluline and was amazed  by the results after the very first visit. After each visit, the hair would grow back much slower, would be thinner and much sparser. Having the laser hair removal was well worth the money spent. With their high quality equipment, excellent service and great staff, I would recommend Celluline to everyone. Thank you!

Biljana Gajic, Mississauga

I always get ingrown hairs, no matter what I've tried. After a few treatments, I saw results. Soon I 'll be hair and bump free!

Courtney Morris, Toronto, ON

I always wanted to try laser hair removal but I was never comfortable enough with it, once stepped into in Celluline and got some helpful info I felt anxious to start my treatments. After just the first treatment I was already really amazed by it's results. Fifteen years of torture and struggle with ingrown hair and scars on my lower legs were gone, I was skeptical and already have given up on wearing skirts and dresses. But Kristina's advise and helpful tips helped me. I feel confident with my body again. Thank you Celluline, you are the greatest.

Marija M, Etobicoke , ON

I was initially nervous about the idea of laser hair removal... There was really no pain, just perhaps a bit of discomfort, and I was amazed at the amount of hair removed even after the first visit. I look forward to having a hair-free bikini-line this summer, and thanks to Kristina excellent bedside manner, I find the treatment almost relaxing. I would recommend Celluline to anyone.

Rebecca Wong, Toronto, ON

Very helpful and friendly service. The service here is also professional and provide us with proper understanding of the treatment. Getting my laser done has been worth every dollar I have spent. The treatment is effective, more effective than I thought it would be. No longer a skeptic! Thank you to the staff here at Celluline.

Jay S., Mississauga, On

... As for the laser hair removal service that I receive, in a matter of 4 time I couldn't believe my eyes that my hair was gone and that I would not have to shave my bikini line ever again. The work that you did was painless and so fast that in a matter of months I was hair free and I am so pleased with the results I just to have to thank again.

C. G., Brampton, On

“Being born with course hair is not something a person chooses, but its something one has to deal with. After many years of waxing, bleaching and other methods to hide or remove unwanted hair on my upper lip and chin, I finally found a method that really works. Laser treatment at Celluline has been fantastic in removing the unwanted hair. I have been very happy not only with final results but also with the treatment I received at Celluline. Thanks for your help”

 Daniela V., Etobicoke, ON

After many years of trying waxing and shaving which left me with ingrown hairs and required a lot of maintenance time, I was ready to try laser hair removal. I was very impressed with Celluline services and their friendly but professional attitude. Kristina had a lot of helpful tips and it was a pleasure to come in for the treatments. After just three sessions I saw a big reduction in the amount of hair on my legs and bikini line. After keeping up with all the treatments, I look forward to
have a hair-free summer! Thank you very much for a great service!

N. G., Maple, ON

At the beginning I was reluctant and skeptical about laser hair removal. I am fully aware how laser hair removal works but there was something that was holding me back. Until one day I was fed up with shaving my armpits and fighting with the sweaty odor. I have to use natural deodorants which only work for a few hours.  So I decided to do it.  It took me 6 sessions to fully remove my underarm hair. My underarm hair was thick and dark. After the sessions, my sweating decreased and the use of aluminum free deodorants, is now limited. After that I did my bikini then my legs and my upper lip. For the legs and bikini line I needed 4 sessions only because my hair was not that thick and stubborn. Thanks to laser hair removal I don’t have any unwanted hair.

Mira G, Toronto, ON

Before coming to Celluline, I had spent years and thousand of dodders on painful electrolysis treatments with little success. After only 6 sessions of laser treatment at Celluline, I am pleased to say that my treatment is done! The staff is friendly and helpful and treats their clients with respect. I would definitely recommend Celluline to anyone looking for a reasonably priced hair removal solution.

 Mary K. Toronto

After spending years of bleaching and tweezing, I found that bleach no longer seemed to be doing the trick and was not lasting as long as it use to. After just 6 treatments with Celluline I no longer have to worry about bleaching or tweezing anymore...Thanks for the freedom, it was well worth the cost.

Leslie Dobson, Mississauga

I have been a client of Celluline for a year now. I live in East York, and I have a treatment once in two months. It is not close to my house, but I go for a treatment only once in two months so it doesn't take too much time, plus it is worth it, since Celluline's prices are the best in the city. For laser hair removal with Sheer Light in other clinics, the prices are even 50% higher than Celluline's. I had a laser hair removal for my underarms and even after first treatment, I could see the results. I started my treatments in March, and during summer (just after two treatments), I shaved my underarms only once in two weeks, since I had a very small amount of hair that was so thin and light in color. Today, after 6 treatments, I don't have to shave at all. In the meantime, since I was VERY satisfied with the results of underarm treatment, I started doing bikini line, Brazilian bikini, and it is going very well. After treatment, the reaction of my skin is OK, just a little bit of redness, which goes away after couple of hours. Today, after the 3rd treatment for my Brazilian bikini, the hair in that area is lighter, thinner, and the amount is about 50% less. I would recommend Celluline to any person that is considering laser hair removal because it is effective and the prices are reasonable.

Valentina M., Toronto

I have now completed my bikini and lower leg hair removal with Celluline. I am really pleased with the completely hair-free results with fewer treatments than I had planned for. I really appreciate the website providing information up front about the prices and the process. I felt confident I was being treated at an ethical center by professional, knowledgeable staff who follow FDA guidelines. My excellent results show I made the right decision. I remain a Celluline endermologie client and I look forward to trying other services in the future.Thank you so much!

Lisa K., Toronto

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